Welcome to The Embraceable Project

We are not your typical weight-loss blog. We are here to assist with the minds and hearts of weight-loss, not just the waistline. We abhor the notion that only the “after” shot in before/after photos can be attractive. We believe that people are beautiful at every stage and we use the art of photography to prove it.

Meet the Team

Our Journal Writer:

Rachell Campbell {writer, teacher, mac n’ cheese lover}

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Hi! I’m Rachell Campbell. I’m a writer and a middle school English teacher with a B.A. in Theatre Arts from Azusa Pacific University and an M.F.A. in Playwriting from University of California at Riverside. Some of my favorite foods are mac n’ cheese, grilled cheese, beer cheese soup, cheese enchiladas (alright, anything with cheese), rocky road ice cream, and BBQ beef ribs.

Our Photographer:

Danielle Alexandra McBrayer {Photographer, Owner of D.A. Studios}

Hey!  I’m Danielle Alexandra McBrayer and if you haven’t noticed by now, photography is what I do.  Not only do I do it…I love it.  It is my passion and my calling. I started my photography business when I was a freshman in high school, even though I knew nothing about business whatsoever.  Some may not even agree that I was running a business, but I was making money because people admired my work.  I built my whole business through social media.  I believe in the future of marketing and advertising & that’s why I’m a marketing major. In my spare time (if I can remember what that is), I like to make art, travel, craft, & watch Netflix.  I am an adventurer at heart and am always planning the next trip. In the visual world I work in, it’s all about the look & size, but I don’t agree with that.  The Embraceable Project is my way of spreading some body image love to everyone!

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How it Works

Losing weight is very difficult for the mind, body, and soul. As Rachell attempts to find a healthier lifestyle than binge-eating mac n’ cheese on the way to Krispy Kreme, she writes about the real-life struggles [and hopefully triumphs] of the process. Meanwhile, Danielle will document Rachell’s progress through pictures to celebrate her beauty at every stage.

The Starting Point

Everything needs a beginning. This is where Rachell started on June 1, 2018.

What’s more important than her weights and measurements, however, is how she feels.

From Rachell: I feel exhausted. I have been dealing with many health issues and I am tired of not living my best life because of my weight. This project has two missions 1) to discover self-confidence and self-worth aside from weight loss 2) to live a healthier lifestyle by finding balance in healthy eating and being more active in daily life. Hopefully, this means I will live longer as well (heart disease runs VERY strongly in my family). My arbitrary goal is to lose 70lbs so I can be within my healthy BMI level at 145lbs (at a BMI of 24, mind you, that’s the highest weight you can have while still being in “healthy weight.” I’m aiming 100% for healthy, not skinny. Also, if I lose any more than that, I’ll be so thin my incredible breasts will have me toppling over), but my true goals are much more important than that. I want to find my self-worth.

The Official Before Photo:

Rachell, looking stunning on a country road, at 225lbs in December 2017 (she lost ten pounds between this photo and the official restart of Embraceable in June 2018)

The History

On December 3rd, 2015, Rachell and her best friend of eighteen years, Ashley, started The Embraceable Project. For eight months they were very dedicated. Ashley lost over forty pounds before her wedding. Rachell lost twelve pounds, ran her first half-marathon, and gained a whole lot of confidence. In the years since, however, Ashley moved away with her husband, joined an acting program, and rocked at life. But Rachell, well… She got her heart broken and confidence shattered, endured a grueling post-grad program, and ate her way through a two-year depression. She gained back every pound she’s lost during The Embraceable Project plus thirteen more. Refusing to be defeated, she picked herself back up–determined to try again. She hit the restart button on June 1st, 2018.

Thanks for joining the journey!