Workout Clothes

Rachell and I are closing in on the second week of our new exercise regimen. I feel proud of us so far, but I also find myself wondering, “When will this ever get easier?!” This is a pretty funny thought when you consider that as work out routines go ours is extremely manageable.


First of all, as Rachell doesn’t go back to work until next week and I am presently unemployed (Yikes!) we start our workouts at the very reasonable hour of 9:00 am. On day one this meant I got up at 8:30 and was completely ready to go at 9. Two weeks in this means I get up at 8:53 hurriedly brush my teeth and throw on clothes and then yell to Rachell to see if she is ready. She yells, “I’m up!” from her bed and then somehow it takes me a half an hour to put on my shoes and we leave for our workout at 9:30. I am constantly haunted by the thought of what this will be like when I have a job…


Next we set out on our walk/jog. Depending on the day we may walk for an hour or sometimes walk for a half an hour and come back and do half an hour of Pilates videos. The Pilates videos always end with us lying on the ground laughing and grunting and yelling at the screen, which, though painful, is actually pretty fun. We have ventured into a few more intense cardio workouts, but I fear my body is not quite prepared for them and I end up vomiting, which doesn’t feel like a great start to the day.


And that’s it. That is our exercise routine. I always feel good about it after. I am always happy we did it. It is SO much more fun with Rachell. So why is it always such a struggle to start every morning this way? People often say that exercise gets easier and it becomes a habit and eventually you start to miss it and blah, blah, blah. I’d like to say to these people, “lies. You all are full of it.” Honestly, I don’t know if it will ever get easier for me. It never has in the past. Unless it is dancing or walking around Disneyland, I just don’t like working out, never have and probably never will.


I am finding however that there is something that is helping me with my motivational struggles, and that thing is: workout clothes. Yes, it sounds really silly, and it is really silly, but the workout clothes are turning out to be a game changer for me. I had never owned any workout clothes before last week and I did not know about their wonders. Somehow when I put those workout clothes on I feel like I’ve already worked out. I feel like people see me walking down the street and think to themselves, “Ah, yes, that girl is a practiced exerciser.” I feel like I could belong amongst the people who like to exercise!


So maybe that is what everyone needs. We all just need a little something to make us feel like we belong. Something to make us feel like healthiness is not for people who are better than us. We put on the workout clothes just the same as everybody else and some days I just feel proud to have put them on, because that means I am trying.

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