An Ode to Daniel Bartlett

I was feeling particularly discouraged this week. I was feeling like I was working so hard and I wasn’t seeing any results. I have been exercising 5 days a week for what feels like forever now (Update: I still hate exercising! When am I supposed to start liking it?!) I have been keeping my calories around 1500 each day and it just seemed like nothing was changing. So in a stubborn rage I decided to weigh myself to prove that this wasn’t working and I should just stop altogether. Well, imagine my surprise to have discovered that since January I have lost 13 pounds. So…fine. I guess it’s working! I suppose I won’t give in now.


Having realized this new information it gave me so many fluttery, loving feelings for one Mr. Daniel Bartlett. Daniel is the leader of the youtube video workout I do the most. It is not hard to love Daniel (he is British after all/he looks like a movie star), but he is also the best youtube personal coach ever. It feels like he is talking right to me. I am perfectly aware of how ridiculous this sounds, but I just want to make him proud, and yet, at the same time I feel like he wouldn’t be disappointed if I couldn’t finish the workout. He just wants me to try my best (at least that is what he keeps telling me).


Even when I am doing other workouts I still hear his soothing accent in my head telling me, “The lactic acid is really building up now. Don’t think of it as pain, think of it as changing your body. And you want that. That is a good thing.” And I think to myself…yes, I suppose it makes sense that trying to “burn” fat would involve some pain and it IS changing my body, and then I continue to climb. I hear Daniel in my head during every workout. So I guess I am saying he is basically my hero.


There are a few other things I love about this video and one of them is Victoria. Victoria stands behind Daniel on the far left of the screen. Victoria is doing the moderated version of many of the exercises and I love her because she looks miserable the entire time from warm up to cool down and that is how I feel. Victoria is basically my working out spirit animal. You just get the feeling that someone tricked her into doing this video and she hates working out too and you think, “If Victoria can do this, I can do this.” I have found all other workout videos to lack anyone who looks like they are struggling or having anything less than the time of their life. And as I am most certainly not having the time of my life it feels wonderful to have some solidarity. We are in this together, Victoria!


And lastly, there is Alexandra. Now, I am pretty sure Alexandra is Daniel’s wife (based on my research they have the same last name) and I am sure that in reality she is the most lovely person, but during my workout that doesn’t matter because she serves a very important function. Alex is the person I hate during the workout. She provides the fuel of motivation. She is tiny and energetic and looks like she hardly breaks a sweat. She is doing the advanced version of all the exercises and I think she really is having the time of her life. She is the unrealistic ideal that I reject and also feel I must prove to be better than. It is surprisingly motivating. Once again, I am sure if I ever met and spoke to Alexandra she would be nothing but wonderful, but I thank you, Alex, for allowing me to hate you for those 45 minutes and for driving me to be better.


Now, Richard and Becky are also in the video, but to me honest, I’ve never watched them for a minute…


Here is the video so we can all start a proper love affair with Daniel (He’s British!)

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  1. Tacy says:

    I tried this workout today because my usual one has been taken off of YouTube (how dare they!!) and it kicked my butt. I agree that Victoria was a great sympathy character, but my eyes usually stayed on Richard because if you pay close attention, his pace is not as fast and bouncy as the ladies on the right. I like that, slow and steady. Anyway, thanks for sharing!

    P.s. Have you tried the 30 minute cardio starter? It auto played after this one and part of me liked it and part of me was horrified that they were still as energetic as ever after I had already lain in the floor dying, started the coffee maker, and taken a shower. Their energy is endless!


    1. Rachell says:

      I LOVE that one, but Ashley likes the hour long one. “You’re Rocky Balboa”


  2. Lyn says:

    I live this! I’ve done workout videos in the past and I hate those over eager extras! I’ll have to check out your friend Daniel! Great job with all your effort. You go girl!


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