The Long Way

Most people are fond of a good short cut. I know I am. If I can get something done a little easier or a little faster or for a little cheaper I LOVE the shortcut. Sometimes you have to sacrifice something for the shortcut, but most of the time it is worth it. Maybe you don’t get to drive by the coast, but you do get there 20 minutes early…I’ll see the coast another time thank you. Take me home Waze! (Through every random neighborhood you can find! The freeway is jammed).


Most of us are pretty good at finding short cuts; we find them for our computers, for our shopping, even for our interaction with others. We are always looking for the short cut, for the easy way. I have found this to be incredibly true in the weight loss endeavor. I have never tried weight loss pills and I have never really wanted to as I have heard such terrible things about them, but that didn’t stop me from watching a super long video advertisement for this pill that was a combination of something like vitamins and probiotics and …flora? I can’t remember but I watched it and the whole time I let myself hope it would magically make it so much easier to lose weight.


Other times I will find lower calorie foods or make some food creation that has a surprisingly low calorie count and I will put a giant pile of it on a plate and exclaim, “Look how much of this I can have for only This Many Calories!!!” In that moment I think I have found a shortcut, something to make it easier. Of course I haven’t really. That is what I am learning the most about this. There aren’t any shortcuts. You can’t really cheat even a little. Any little taste you take of something that you don’t count in your calories because, “it was just a little bite,” well, it still counts. You still ate it and while your mind won’t count it, your body will.


The only way to do this is the hard way. It is so hard in fact that my mind completely blocks out the pain of exercise. It is like when you talk to a mother and she says that childbirth hurt really bad but she doesn’t really remember it because she was so blinded by the love she felt for the child at the end. This really must be for the preservation of the species. If that mother could remember exactly how terrible and painful labor was she would most certainly not want to do it again! That is how exercising is with me, of course I am not preserving the species; I’m just preserving myself. I dread the working out and I am fully pained the entire time I do it, but literally the moment it is over my mind says, “That wasn’t so bad!” Hahahaha! Lies! It was terrible and I can barely breathe, but if my mind didn’t try to convince me otherwise I definitely would not be coming back to do it again the next day.


But this long, hard way is the only way to change my body, and to get to where I want to be. I’m on a journey on a road with no shortcuts. I’m taking the long route and trying to enjoy the scenery.

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