Spot Treatment

It has been just over 3 months since I really decided to give this weight loss thing a shot and while I know I have lost some weight in that time, it remains generally hard for me to see. When I look in the mirror I find I look largely the same. They say when you lose ten pounds it should be a pants size, but my hips care not for that conventional wisdom and the new pair of pants I had to buy due to the inevitable holes in the inner thigh of my old pair are the same size as the last. I just wish I could have some clearly visible results.


While I may not have gone down a pants size there are some clear signs my body is changing. I was trying to decide what to wear for my engagement photos the other day, which led me to trying on my whole wardrobe (and much of Rachell’s). The clothes did fit differently; things that were slightly too small before now zipped up easily. The pants by which I judge my weight loss now have an extra few inches in the waistband. This, of course, made the whole ordeal of trying on clothes much more enjoyable, but it also brought me to struggle #3,079,015 of losing weight: you never lose weight in the places you want to.


The most noticeable place my weight seems to be leaving me is my boobs. WHY?! That is literally the only place I would like to consider keeping it! Not to mention having smaller boobs just seems to emphasize the size of the birthing hips! All the running and all the leg lifts and all the weights later and it is my boobs that get smaller? I did nothing to deserve this! (Of course, if you ask me I deserve to have lost 50 pounds by now…but it is possible I am biased).


All the accepted knowledge says there is no way to “Spot Treat” your body. There is no way to just fix the pieces you don’t particularly like. (Trust. I have searched the interwebs for any article to tell me differently). I have to treat my body as a whole and work on the whole thing. But does it somehow seem like the place you want to lose weight the most is the place you lose weight last? It feels like your body knows. It feels like if I had been hoping to lose weight from my boobs they would have remained the same and my hips would have immediately shrunk. Sometimes Murphy’s law is just real, you guys…


I suppose I should just be thankful for any changes at all and for the fact that my body is losing weight. I know this is something that doesn’t happen for some people, and I can’t imagine how frustrating their struggles are. So, for today, my small boobs and I will stay the course because it is working. That is what I will try to focus on this week.

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  1. Same here, just got a FitBit to keep and keep my steps up because I love walking but hate pretty much all other exercise 🙂 xxx


  2. PattiP0414 says:

    This has been my train of thought for the past few days! It is almost like you were reading my mind. 🙂

    The struggle is real! 😀


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