Treat Yo Self

In my experience there is one sure-fire way of manipulating children into doing what you want — bribery.  If you stop your tantrum in the craft store, I’ll give you fruit snacks. If you’re good at the doctor, I’ll buy you a soda. If you bring in enough canned goods, I’ll throw you a pizza party. Our young lives were surrounded by rewards, and therefore we expect to be rewarded in “real life.” Ashley and I were bemoaning the other day about how there should be SERIOUS rewards for women who work out while on their periods — just saying. And although rewards are not necessary and should not be expected, sometimes it’s nice to “Treat Yo Self,” as the say on Parks and Rec:

While surviving the past few months of this journey, I have realized that I have not set enough practical goals, and for the added assuredness of success, bribed myself for their completion. Therefore I have decided to set down some practical goals along side some “Treat Yo Self” moments. I am telling you about them for the sake of accountability.

According to a program my mom was in once, there are five considerations in making a goal. All goals should be S.M.A.R.T. goals.

S- Specific: Goal is very clearly defined. What do you want?

M – Measurable: Goal is easily measured. Can look back at the end of the day/week and determine if you did what you intended to do.

A – Action-oriented: What will you be doing to meet your goal?

R – Realistic: Can you realistically and practically accomplish the goal?

T- Time-defined: Your goal is linked to a specific time-frame.

So here we go…

It has been my observation that if I actually remain faithful to an eating plan, I lose about a pound a week. Not always, but usually that’s how my body works. So based on that trajectory, here are my goals along side non-food related “Treat Yo Self” items.


Week 1 (by April 15th): GOAL – Get my -5lb”chip” from Weight Watchers (I am 0.5lbs away) and go on a date with someone  REWARD – Buy myself these cute measuring spoons from Anthropologie to help better measure my portions.

Week 2 (by April 22nd): GOAL – Go for a walk three times and stay within my Weight Watchers points every day.  REWARD – Get a new shirt to wear for the Pacific Playwright’s Festival at South Coast Repertory [It’s my favorite event of the year!]

Week 3 (by April 29th): GOAL – Lose three pounds for a total of 10lbs lost since the beginning of Embraceable when I weighed 212.5lbs. REWARD – These measuring CUPS from Anthropolie to help better measure my portions.


Week 4 (by May 6th): GOAL – Be under 200lbs (presently five pounds away) REWARD – Buy my bridesmaid’s dress for Ashley’s wedding AND (because that’s kind of necessary whether I hit my goal or not) Star Wars: The Force Awakens on DVD.

Week 5 (by May 13th): GOAL – Transition to running on the ground instead of an elliptical REWARD – Sign up for a summer 5K of my choosing.

Week 6 (by May 20th): GOAL – Consistently exercise five days this week. REWARD – Go to The Huntington Library for an artist’s date by myself.

Week 7 (by May 27th): GOAL – Put pants on, go out, and find someone to give my number to in real life. REWARD – Something from my neighbor’s amazing Etsy Page Substation Paperie, like a personalized library stamp perhaps.


Week 8 (by June 3rd): GOAL – Run a mile (on the real ground instead of in the gym) in twelve minutes or under without stoping to walk. REWARD –  Silly socks from Target.

Week 9 (by June 10th): GOAL – Do an open mic performance for music/poetry or perform a stand up comedy routine in public with strangers REWARD – Treat myself to a Groupon experience of my choice

Week 10 (by June 14th): GOAL Be down a total of 20lbs since start of Embraceable, weight around 192ish (that would be losing about 12 pounds from where I’m at now). REWARD: Sign up for the Star Wars Half-Marathon at DISNEYLAND!!! It has been on my bucket list to run a disney half-marathon for YEARS.

Week 11 (by June 24th): GOAL – Run two miles in twenty-five minutes or less without stopping to walk. REWARD – An archery lesson


Week 12 (by July 1st): GOAL – Go to the beach in my bikini REWARD – Jurassic World on DVD.

Week 13 (by July 8th): GOAL –  Run three miles in thirty-five minutes or less while only stopping two times to walk for a total of five minutes. REWARD – A new nerdy shirt.

Week 14 (by July 17th): GOAL –  Be within the 180lbs range (even if it’s 189.9lbs) for Ashley’s wedding (that’s a loss of 16lbs from this point). REWARD – Dance with Ashley at her wedding (also, eat cake at Ashley’s wedding)

Week 15 (by July 22nd): GOAL – Run three miles straight without stopping in thirty minutes. REWARD – A writer’s retreat for a weekend in Palm Springs by myself.

Week 16 (by July 29th) : GOAL – Go dancing and dance with strangers REWARD – A tree wax seal.

After these first sixteen weeks, then I will reevaluate where I am and make a new set of goals, but this is PLENTY for now. Alright? Already! Ready. Set. Go! Let’s do this thing, goals in hand, ready to “treat yo self!”

Weight:  205lbs How do you feel?: A little nervous. Putting these goals down makes it look pretty intense.  Small Victory: I was discouraged all of last week because I had stayed so faithful to my eating plan and I worked out a TON but I was up two pounds. But after I calmed down and drank more water, by the end of the week I was down 1.8lbs  Biggest Disappointment: The day after I was down 1.8lbs I went and had my favorite cheese enchiladas which then lead to a day-long cheese binge of epic proportions.   Thing I appreciated about my body this week: I have a great figure. I have great hips and a powerful top half. I love my hour glass figure.  Why I am #embraceablenow: I care deeply about things and love people very much, especially my students. My students are extraordinary.





2 Comments Add yours

  1. Morgan Lazo says:

    These are really good goals and rewards, Rachell! I am inspired to re-set some goals for myself now. Thanks as always for your openness and honesty, love the blog so much


    1. Rachell says:

      Thank you Morgan! That truly means a lot!


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