Down with Tasty!

There is an evil lurking amongst our Facebook feeds and it must be stopped! It is enticingly seductive, with its one pot meals, it’s “look it’s so easy anyone can do it,” take a bite out of it so you can see it’s real food — horror!

I specifically do not watch live television when I am on a healthy eating plan. I avoid it lest I be tempted by the McDonalds commercials, the pizza ads, and those darn cereal commercials (their Grreat!). I avoid all contact with food advertising so that I can maintain the false reality that the only food in the world is grilled chicken breast with brussel sprouts and that it is delicious. I was living perfectly content in this dream world away from television, when something terrible happened, encroaching itself upon my Facebook feed… Tasty!

Tasty is a devilish plan conceived by Buzzfeed to get everybody off on food porn (I mean listen to the “ooh yeah” at the end and tell me it is not orgasmic).

Tasty takes cooking into a new perspective with quick “how to” videos that convince everyone they can cook anything. Then all the would-be cooks get inspired by the videos and re-post them turning to my once engagement photo, gender reveal party,  feminist blog  filled Facebook newsfeed into a land of well… THIS:



AND THEY PLAY AUTOMATICALLY! (If you linger on them a second too long)

How DARE they?!?

Yes, Tasty has some healthier food videos you can watch, but who looks at those?! No one! Not when there is apple pie in a jar to be watched!

So here I am, holding on by a thread, while people are posting about buffalo chicken wings. So dearest Facebook, post responsibly. Before you re-post that fettuccine alfredo, think of those of us who are doing their best to eat brussel sprouts, and post this one instead:


A Concerned Brussel Sprout Eater

Weight: 203lbs  How do you feel?: Determined. The period is over. All pounds from said period are lost and I am back on track, just me and my brussel sprouts. Small Victory: Today I went to Redondo Beach with my mother and got Gelato. I had a few bites, but then decided it wasn’t worth the calories and threw it away despite my guilt of it being expensive. My mother supported the decision. Best. Mom. Ever — HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY MOM!  Biggest Disappointment: I had my last day of teaching this week. It was very hard to say goodbye to all my incredible students. I will miss them very much.  Thing I appreciated about my body this week:  My toes. I have cute little toes and a perfect “ballet arch” (not that I ever used it).  Reason I am  #embraceablenow: I’m hot to trot.







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  1. Damn! Those videos man! How can you be a corrupting and an inspiring influence in the same go?!! Loved your diary entry and it’s unique subheads!


    1. Rachell says:

      Thank you! It’s true, they are so contradictory!


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