I Triple Dog Dare You

Today I would like to start a challenge. We haven’t done anything particularly interactive with Embraceable yet, so here’s our chance…


“I Triple Dog Dare You” is the chance for us all to challenge ourselves a little bit and join together for mutual support.

As you will remember, I set a list of goals and rewards for myself for this weight-loss blog and although I have mostly stayed on track physically, I have not given myself any of the rewards (because they were adding up to about $20 a week in presents for myself and I do not have $20 a week for groceries).  I have decided that weekly goals were too much — not for my waistline, but for my wallet. So… I’m going to do monthly goals instead.

“I Triple Dog Dare You” is a  community challenge where we will each tackle four monthly objectives consisting of…

  1. A Goal –  Give yourself one “Goal” pertaining to health. For example mine will mostly be weight-loss and running based, but you can do any number of things: waking up early, flossing, eating less sugar, etc…
  2. A Reward – What will you reward yourself with for meeting that goal (cannot be food based or something like “I will run another lap” — unless my high school cross country coach is reading this, then yes Kudirka, you can run another lap.
  3. A Dare –  Eleanor Roosevelt said, “Do one thing a day that scares you.” Well, here’s your chance. Pick a “dare” that you have to complete by the end of the month. This could be “sign up for a 5K” or “Sing karaoke.” — do something that truly terrifies you. Take a risk! Because I struggle with some fairly crippling social anxiety, but cannot afford the class Facebook keeps saying will cure me (anyone else get those ads? No, just me… oh, good), I figured I’d throw myself into as many terrifying situations as possible and pray that’ll cure me.
  4. A Date – In The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, she talks about “Artist Dates.” These are activities you do by yourself that help to enliven your soul. I teach The Artist’s Way in my classes and when I make my students do Artist’s Dates, I start by having them make a list of things they “used to love to do but don’t do any more.” Students have written things like “make mud pies,” “climb a tree,” or “play with Play-Doh” (one student said “steal cars,” but he withdrew from the class).  Think of things you’ve always wanted to try, but thought it’d be too silly, stupid, expensive, or scary. Do something that awakens the soul or go watch The Force Awakens on your laptop in the park — the sky’s the limit.

Each objective must be completed by the last day of the month, or we do not get our rewards. And that’s it! So we at Embraceable Triple Dog Dare You to make obtainable goals, reward yourself, dare big, and treat yourself kindly. Post your objectives  in the comments below and we’ll be checking in periodically to see how it’s going.  Sound good? Okay…



GOAL: Be under 200lbs

REWARD: The Force Awakens on DVD

DARE:  Do something alone that  I’ve never done alone before (Like go bowling)

DATE: A Groupon experience of my choice


GOAL: Run a mile (on real ground) without stopping

REWARD: Sign up for the Star Wars Half-Marathon

DARE: Do Karaoke, or if truly brave enough, this maybe.

DATE:  Write bad poetry on my typewriter


GOAL: Weigh 195lbs or less

REWARD: This R2D2 scarf

DARE: Go to the beach in my bikini

DATE: A writer’s retreat in Palm Springs


GOAL: Run a five K

REWARD: Run a five K for charity (get a 5K shirt)

DARE: Do a bikini Embraceable photo shoot (it’s on the books, get ready people)

DATE: An archery or knife fighting lesson


GOAL: Weigh 189.9lbs or less

REWARD: A tree wax seal

DARE: Go out with a wingman and meet new people

DATE: Spend the day at Huntington Gardens


GOAL: Run 6mi

REWARD: A crossbow (like Daryl or Tyrion)

DARE: Do a haunted something. I hate haunted somethings

DATE: Do the Zombie room or a puzzle room experience


GOAL:  Be at 179.9lbs or less

REWARD: A new nerdy shirt

DARE: Go to a “meet up group” from online that I’ve never been on before

DATE: Order delivery and have the house to myself


GOAL: Run 10miles

REWARD: New Running Shoes

DARE: Sign up for a dance class

DATE: Go ice skating

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Ok so . . .
    Goal – use the fitness dvd five days a week (it’s been sat it its Amazon packaging for the last week)
    Reward – day out on the Norfolk coast
    Dare – sunbath in the garden
    Date – picnic in the park
    Goal – reach my first 1st loss
    Reward – street party for the Queens 90th
    Dare – wear a bikini (and feel proud)
    Date – go for a walk together, discover a new place and take a photo

    With love (and well done so far) Laurie-ann xxx


    1. Rachell says:

      What to go, Laurie-ann! That’s awesome! Congrats. You got this!

      Liked by 1 person

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