Today I write to you from my childhood home in Colorado.  I am here for my bridal shower to celebrate with some dear and wonderful people.  Now, I only had a few hours of sleep last night and I have been going and going and going since 5:30 this morning so forgive me if this post is a bit scattered and brief. My mom picked me up from the airport this morning and then we went shopping at every. single. store. My dad cooked us a wonderful dinner and made me a cake and declared my arrival a holiday where the calories were not important (That is debatable…but I went with it).  Anyway…

There is something really comforting about coming home, isn’t there? You get to talk to your family and friends in the days before you arrive and tell each other how excited you are to be reunited and remember how many great people are in your life.  There is a sort of a peace in things being the way you left them. The terrible living room couch that somehow seems like it is trying to push you off. The childhood photos on the walls. The laundry room with the crazy confetti wall paper, and the carpeted bathroom upstairs where my sister always went to lay on the floor after my mom made her get out of bed. ahh…home.

As I was trying on clothes in my bedroom this evening, back at the same size I was when I was still living here I couldn’t help but think about all the things I have done and gone through to put on some of the weight I have now lost, and it was a very eye opening moment because while I am very much enjoying my “new” body  and fitting into smaller clothes and having a much more pleasant time in dressing rooms, I do kind of enjoy/appreciate some of my flaws. When I see the faint stretch marks across my stomach I, at first, wish they were gone, but then I remember distinctly when I first noticed them just after I had transferred colleges the first time and I think about that time and all I learned.  I look at my feet and I am reminded of how I used them as my sole transit for two years in New York. I see freckles from hikes and scars from adventures.

Today I am feeling proud of the changes I have made since I last lived here, and I am so excited for the next chapter!


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