Learning to be Spicy

I am a spice wimp. My eyes water. My nose flairs. I start to choke — even at the slightest hint of a chili pepper. I am also actually allergic to Cheyenne Pepper (it makes my throat constrict). But these days I am on a new mission to embrace spicy food.

My brilliant and gorgeous friend Courtney loves spicy food. She carries hot sauce in her purse for all Tapatío related emergencies. She has tried for five years to get me to like spicy food, and I have continually struck out.

Ever since starting this weight-loss journey however, spicy food has been my greatest ally. Jalapeño chicken sausage from Trader Joes — delicious! I have started dousing my salads with picked jalapeños. I put red chili flakes on my grilled chicken. Give it some heat  and you get all the flavor with less of the fat. It’s been a really fun experiment.

The thing about being stuck in a rut in one part of your life, is you realize how stuck you were in general. I had trained myself to think of food in one way only — I can’t eat that unless it’s smothered in cheese. I won’t eat that — where’s the cheese. I was never a picky eater, but a whole new world of possibilities has been opened up to me and I love it. Being open to ALL the possibilities of life makes it so much more… spicy!

Stay spicy my friends.

Weight: 201lbs  How do you feel?: Stressed. Life is a little insane right now.  Small Victory: I have kept to my healthy mindset and have been reeling it in quickly when I step off track.  Biggest Disappointment: I ate seven lemon bars and a piece of carrot cake at Ashley’s bridal shower. I wish I could tell this was really a regret/disppointments, but… #sorrynotsorry.  Thing I appreciated about my body this week:  My tongue is learning to stand spicy foods. #embraceablenow: I am spicy!

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