Thick Thighs Matter


Yep. That’s me, in a bathing suit. And you know what? I wasn’t all that worried about wearing it either! Within a few minutes of laying out on the beach in my bikini (albeit a very high-waisted bikini) a woman nearby asked me where I got my cute swimsuit. I thanked her and told her the top was from Forever 21 and the bottoms from someplace I couldn’t remember but that she should check out the matching bottoms that Forever 21 sells. She thanked me and said as a bigger girl herself, it’s hard to find cute suits in her size. I again told her to check out Forever 21’s collection of plus-size suits, because they came through for us this summer!

I think the thing that upsets me the most about shopping as a plus-size woman, is the assumption that plus-size women cannot wear what thin people wear. I applaud many companies that are now starting to include plus-size clothing in their collections, but even with that, the options tend to be a fraction of the options you get when you shop in thin sizing. I’ve always thought, “Why don’t they just make the thin sized clothes in larger sizes?” Now, I understand that constructing an item of clothing for different body types is surely trickier than just increasing the size, but do plus-size women really need an entire collection that is separate from what the “regular” people get to choose from? Sadly, these plus-size collections have a tendency to be quite drab.

I love fashion, I love being trendy, and I love shopping. I do not love when I see adorable outfits that are only made for thinner people. I also do not understand it; women size 12 and up are the majority in our country so even economically speaking, wouldn’t it make more sense for brands to market towards that group? According to recent articles, they are attempting to do just that. Good for them. But I wanna know why they think plus sized women have no desire to look fashionable, cute or sexy whatsoever.

Here’s the really strange thing about me: sometimes, I love to wear really revealing clothing. I am not happy with how my body looks most days, but something about being able to wear cute high-waisted shorts with a crop top makes me feel attractive and more comfortable in my own skin. Perhaps it’s because I feel like I am finally able to wear what thin people wear but in my size, instead of wearing a pair of shorts that go 3-4 inches longer than everyone else’s to hide my thighs. Nah! Let those thighs be free! Thick thighs save lives or something like that!

Maybe that’s the part of me that already loves myself and celebrates my body as it is. So when she’s ready to come out and play, I want to let her! And when I go in search of the cute trendy styles people are touting on Instagram, I hate being shut down simply because they don’t make it in my size.

There are several places that I love to shop that make great clothes for women my size, that aren’t usually drab or bland or completely cover my body. A couple noteworthies include Forever 21 and Boohoo. But I have a message to the retailers of the world: THICK THIGHS MATTER. And deserve their chance at a little Vitamin D.

Our regularly featured guest blogger Azriél is a New York based performer with a BFA from NYU’s Tisch School of The Arts. She is a proud feminist, and a not so proud Bachelor enthusiast.

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  1. This spoke to me. We ate fat not dead! We want to wear bright colours and bikinis and tight skirts and short shorts too! I feel like it used to be the case that the fashion industry used to dictate what I wore (and yes, it was drab AF) but now I dictate what they are making and it’s awesome. You are totally rocking that look.


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