Optical Elusions


I’m sure everyone has looked at pictures of their younger selves and thought “Oh wow, I’m so little/thin” only to reflect that in this not-so-distant past they thought they were so “Fat”. Its this optical illusion we’ve been brought to consider about ourselves.If we don’t looked photoshopped to perfection then we are fat. Not necessarily fat, it’s a complicated multiplicity of feelings ranging from embarrassment, insecurity, and unworthiness but the simpler colloquial term is fat. And how sad that we’ve missed out on so much of our life because we were concerned with what isn’t even a permanent physical state. Consider: If you were your high school weight or your wedding weight or your pre-first-child weight would you be happy? Or, are you going to look back at pictures of yourself now and say you were thin and thus should have had more fun? Probably! So I propose that we do future us favors; live now.Sure, you wish to be thinner but just because you aren’t doesn’t mean you’re undeserving of flirting with that cute guy at the bar or wearing that flawless outfit you put together on Pinterest.

Wanting to be thin is a part of this cultural body dysmorphia we’ve been brought into and this can only be broken down by addressing the body we have now in its current state and appreciating it for all it’s done and continues to do for us. If we no longer want to be conquered by the optical “elusions” of “the perfect body” we have to realize that our bodies are simultaneously imperfect and perfect right now.An ideal body weight is an arbitrary number that we have attached happiness to, but I’m gonna let you in on a secret I’ve learned. That number doesn’t tell me I don’t get to be happy now. I may weigh the highest I have in my entire life but when I look in the mirror aside from sticking in my stomach and smooshing down my boobs; I am so grateful and giddy that for the first time in my life this body wears a bikini proudly, practices yoga,and can still enjoy all my favorite foods with my thinner and equally beautiful roommates. I will not let my life become a passing polaroids of past “thinness”and unlived adventures; I encourage you to embrace this little mantra and do the same.

by July Guest Blogger LaShawn

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  1. lyncampbell2 says:

    Well said and so true! I wish I had learned and lived this many years ago and not waited until my 50’s to finally get it. Live it while you’re young -it will make life so much more fun!


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