Get Back On The Horse

Let’s talk about my honeymoon for a minute.

Glenn and I went to the Zoetry resort in the Dominican Republic for our Honeymoon. The Zoetry is an all inclusive resort, which means that once you have paid the stated fees everything is included; all your meals, all your drinks, all your activities, it is all included. I had never gone to an all inclusive resort before, but the idea of it seemed pretty dreamy, and oh. my. gosh…. It was.

I knew after working so hard on this project, the honeymoon was not the time to try to be counting calories or working out. It was a once in a lifetime vacation and I wanted to simply enjoy it. Well, let me tell you, I did. We had three course lunch and dinner basically everyday. There was 24 hr room service. Unlimited beverages at multiple bars, including the swim up bar, that also served ice cream. (We only made it breakfast one day, because vacation means sleeping in). We definitely ate a lot of food, but it was usually not overwhelmingly unhealthy. Most meals consisted of some protein, roasted veggies, and some rice. I knew I was eating (and particularly drinking…I have a weakness for all tropical beverages. Come at me, Pina Colada) more than I had been, but mostly, I felt pretty good about it. All in all, the honeymoon was a dream and I recommend it wholeheartedly. Two thumbs up, and a shout out to our “Personal Butler” Roberto!

But alas, all good things must come to an end, and Glenn and I found ourselves back on a plane to California. We got back to our condo and Glenn went back to work and I worked on unpacking and job searching and life resumed.

It took a couple of days to get back on track with the eating. Eating is so fun and care free and easy and I LOVE to eat, so readjusting to that 1,500 calories was a bit of a struggle, but it was nothing compared to the other part of this equation: the exercise.

I have yet to exercise since my wedding. For anyone who is counting, that is about 3 weeks. I simply cannot find the motivation. Where has it gone?! I had been doing so well, and now all exercise sounds so truly miserable.  I’m sure this is in large part due to the long hiatus, but I think it also has to do with the fact that I moved and lost all my familiar workout ways/spots.  I used to live very nearby a really nice bike path, which made going for a run so nice and convenient. I used to use Rachell’s weights to do my “favorite” (haha) workout video, but now I don’t live with Rachell, and I don’t have any weights. I know these are all excuses. They are all things I could overcome pretty easily, but ugh, have I mentioned that I think I lost my motivation in my move? I think I left it in Burbank.

Hopefully by next week I will find it. I did buy some goggles to swim in our new pool…

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