Dancing Through Life

I have neglected this blog. I have abandoned this project. I am ready to begin again. Over the course of the last month post-Ashley wedding, I developed a foot injury that stopped me for running. I also gained a passion for toffee that could not be quenched. I have miraculously managed not to gain back everything I have lost, but I feel in many ways as if I am back at the startling line except in one area — confidence. Although I still waver in a crowded room or a place with new people, in general, I feel 100% better about myself than I did in January.

Last week Ashley’s wedding photos came out. I was nervous about them. I thought that I would feel huge (despite the fact that I felt very beautiful the day of), but as I looked through the pages of Ashley’s photos all I felt was joy — joy to have participated in the day and glad that it was so thoroughly documented. I also felt pretty. I look heavy, don’t get me wrong — the three arm curls a day I did the week before the wedding did not have the miraculous result I had intended — but I am beautiful. I am beautiful because I am happy. I danced with abandon in a circle of my dearest friends and in the moment, watching my darling Ashley Crosby become Mrs. Langton, I could be nothing but beautifully and blissfully happy (if not a tad sweaty and overstressed).

This photo is my favorite:


My beloved Mikael and I are dancing our way into the reception. I am free in this picture. I am not worried about a thing. I got to enter a room dancing with my Mikael, who could ask for anything more?

All this to say. I have failed the losing weight part of this journey, but piece by piece I am learning to put together the bigger picture, because the ability to dance your way through life does not have a weight limit. Please remember that.

Farewell for now my loves, Your Friend Rachell

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  1. Laurie-ann says:

    You look absolutely stunning šŸ™‚ I agree confidence is so important, after losing 16lb I have now gained back 14lb, but am enjoying having my big boobs back šŸ˜€ loved your other post about that by the way šŸ™‚ but despite being almost back to my starting weight I’m more confident about my body than ever

    Sending love to you Rachell from across the pond xxx

    One final thought to everyone; our bodies have been through so much they tell our stories, our stretch marks and scars can describe different chapters and challenges that have been overcome these should be celebrated not hidden, so love your body bit by bit and embrace your gorgeous curves. But I know I t’s easier said than done šŸ™‚

    Love to you all
    Laurie-ann xxxxx


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