Dream Life

I’m still here.

Sometimes life starts to get busy and it is hard to find the time to write.  Sometimes I think I just tell myself that I am too busy because I don’t want to have to write and tell the world that I have still not had an intentional work out session since my wedding, save for once or twice.  I got a job at a restaurant which often involves walking over ten thousand steps a shift, does that count. I like to tell myself it counts.

I’m in a bit of a strange place as I am still looking for other work (in case you are wondering being a host at a restaurant does not quite pay the bills), but I am at a bit of a loss for what I want to do, and sometimes it can feel rather daunting. But I have found that whenever I start to think that way it has been helpful to remember this small anecdote.

It was my first day at the restaurant and I was being trained…by a seventeen year old. I was feeling pretty fully like a a failure.  But alas we finally came to break time and started chatting in the break room. As we talked it came up that I had recently gotten married and I had lived in New York for a few years and I had crazy nannying adventures, and then she said that I had her dream life. And I did fully realize then, that while I am slightly lost career wise, and I work as a host in a restaurant and I haven’t been succeeding in this project for for the last two months, I do have a dream life. I have been afforded so many opportunities and had so many adventures and experiences. I have a circle of wonderful, dear friends who I get to see and talk to regularly. I have the most amazing, supportive, handsome husband. I have so many of the things I always wished I would.

So even as I continue to search for motivation, and work, and direction I will try to remember I already have a dream life just as it stands right now.

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  1. Carolyn says:

    I love this!!!! It’s inspired me to think about my own life and what about it is a dream life 🙂 Thank you for the reminder to practice gratitude. Also, I’m so happy to see you guys post again! I have missed your insights, struggles and successes. Please don’t go away!! Even if things aren’t on track, I get inspiration from you both.


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