I’m Back!

Hello all. I’ve missed you, and I’m back!

I’m back and I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for your support. This year has been interesting. I started Embraceable, Ashley got married, I quite teaching at APU, I started substitute teaching, and I got accepted into a credential program. I signed up for a half-marathon, discovered a new love of zombies, and had many adventures. But I think the thing I will remember the most from this year is what I learned from this project.

In the last 95 days since I last wrote here, I have gained and lost nearly all of what I had originally gained and lost. But my biggest victory of the year was that I LOST during all of the holidays. Usually I gain 12lbs between Thanksgiving and New Years. This year I lost five pounds. But aside from numbers I gained new self-perspective, a new relationship with food, and a new passion for healthy living. I am honored to say, that I am a different person writing to you now than when I did a year ago.

I have much more to tell you from what I’ve learned these back 95 days and the past year, but for now I will simply say — It’s good to be back!

Weight: 204.5lbs How do you feel?: Nervous to be starting over Small Victory: I LOST weight over the holidays Biggest Disappointment: My foot is still injured and I have not been able to run as much as I’d like to Thing I appreciated about my body this week: It’s healthy Reasons I am #embraceablenow: Because I don’t quit

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