Back to School

This month, I started school — again. I am going to get my single-subject teaching credential in English (and maybe social studies if I get up the motivation to take another giant, five-hour, standardized test). Usually I love school (at least since math was no longer a part of the equation), but this time around the tedium, overwhelming schedule, and lack of money do not beckon to me as they once did. To quote the brilliant Danny Glover…


Studying until 3am is all well and good for the bright-eyed nineteen year old I was in the days of yore, but it is not for this 29 year old who is in a very serious relationship with her Netflix account.

One of the things I am worried most about in this new academic venture, is keeping up with my healthy eating/exercise. I BARELY made a dent in my bad habits these past four months and that was during the LEAST busy time of my entire life. I have never been more bored or had more free time. Now, I am faced with 19 units (seven classes) with student teaching. The first thing to go when I get busy is healthy food, it drives straight through El Pollo Loco and sucks down a giant tub of mac n cheese.

In graduate school I would drive through McDonalds or Starbucks for a sausage breakfast, hit the local pub on campus for fries with ranch, pick up a carne asada quesadilla for a “snack” on the way home, and eat six hard boiled eggs for “dinner” before going back out to get El Pollo Loco and Dairy Queen at midnight for a study break. I was a mess. I do not want that to repeat, but in L.A., busy means driving and for me, driving means eating.

I eat the worst when I’m commuting. I love to drink large sodas to make the traffic go by faster. I would eat large bean burritos or even whole pizzas (hot and dripping) while in the car. I am always faced with the conundrum of how to pack fast, portable, and cheap foods. “On-the-go” healthy and cheap is not something that is easy to find in the USA. It takes more time to do the food-prep and while I’m in school, time is exactly what I don’t have.

So, as my mother has taught me, I have decided to make a battle plan. Because I can say I want to not go back to old habits all day long, but unless I replace an old habit with a new one, nothing will change.


In truth, I am still trying to figure out a plan. So far I have stuff to pack PB&J, tuna, and egg salad sandwiches. These are not particularly low in my Weight Watcher’s points, but my new theory is — if it keeps me from the drive through, it’s a step in the right direction.

It’s a real struggle, but I really want to do my next photo shoot (the theme for the next one is going to be AMAZING). I need to stick with this, but that also means finding a plan that I manageable. If I go in thinking I’m going to grab and orange for dinner and be fine — I will fail. So for now I will make the first commitment to no eat fast food one my commute this week — none. I will take it one step at a time, eating food at home or food I’ve made at home, and that will be enough — for now.


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  1. Lizzie says:

    Frozen burritos and wraps got me through grad school! I spent a few hours one Sunday at the beginning of the semester and made a few dozen at once. Large Tortillas + cooked meat filling (shredded chicken, barbecue etc) + cooked or raw veggies. I varied them so I didn’t get bored. Then I froze them all. I could grab one out of the freezer in the morning and it defrosted by lunch – No need to refrigerate or microwave. Plus you can eat in the car. Just a suggestion from someone who has been there!


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