This week has been a low one. As I mentioned yesterday, I have chosen to eat my feelings (and a little bit more). So, I’m taking action. I am switching directions. I’m switching plans.

Weight Watchers has several different versions of its plans. I am presently on “Smart Points,” which puts me on a daily points count of 30 points a day, but I can eat whatever I want — as long as I don’t go past 30 (one Krispy Kreme donut is 11… you see the challenge?). While I am in school and I don’t have the time to plug in everything that I am eating, I thought it would be smart to switch to the “Simply Filling” plan. On “Simply Filling,” I can eat whatever I want on the list below and never have to count it–it’s all zero points. Then I get 42 “weekly” points to spend on things like ice cream that are not on the list.

So, I’m planning ahead. I’m making weekly plans and grocery lists with the things on “Simply Filling.” Thanks to my always incredible mother, I get to write out my schedule and menu plans on a beautiful weekly list from Rifle Paper Company

Today is a new day and I am taking action. It’s never to late to start afresh! 

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  1. candidkay says:

    I love that you take the time to put it all on such pretty paper:). Sounds like a small thing, but I think it’s the way we treat ourselves on the little things that makes a difference.

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    1. Rachell says:

      It really makes a huge difference. Thank you!


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