Three Things

The Body Positivity Challenge

Day 2: Write three nice things about your body

  1. I have incredible boobs.
  2. I’m soft and cuddly.
  3. I have a perfect hourglass shape.

#1 – I have incredible boobs. I have written about them a great deal, but they are worth mentioning again. I am very proud of them. They are symmetrical and shapely. They are large and pronounced. They are lovely.

#2 – When I read The Help, Abilene has a line about babies loving to cuddle up in fat. I’ve always loved that line. It makes me feel embraceable–cuddleable. I give great hugs, and I think part of that is because I’m am cushion-y. I am someone people can feel comforted by because I am a comfortable shoulder to cry on. I am padded arms to wrap you up in. I have a soft lap to lie in. I am a cozy, comforting body that can lend support to others.

#3 – I recently did my measurements, and it turns out I have a PERFECT hourglass figure. I kind of always knew this, but it was cool to see it in numbers. I have a 48-inch bust, a 39-inch waist, and 47-inch hips. I am a perfect hourglass. I kept beating myself up for having too many inches. I never noticed the other information about them. I have a great figure. It does not fit L.A.’s perfect model thin “ideal,” so I discounted it, but I have a great body. It is an hourglass. It is what every woman in the Renaissance era would dream of having. It is mine. It is beautiful.

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