Not Physical


The Body Positivity Challenge

Day 3: Write three nice things about you that are not physical

  1. I have an amazing laugh.
  2. I am a badass.
  3. I am creative.

#1 – My laugh is loud, powerful, and I have been told it’s “infectious.” Twice I was threatened with housing penalties for laughing too loudly. My students say it’s their favorite part of my teaching because it makes them feel at ease. I laugh often. I laugh easily. As Elizabeth Bennet says, “I dearly love to laugh.”

#2 – I do not stay down for long. I am a fighter and a badass. I let things get to me– too much really, but I find a way to bounce back, move on, or change the situation. When I want something I go after it, no matter how many times I may fall.

#3 – There’s not really an art form that I do not do except music and knitting. I love to think outside the box and find creative answers for things. I love making my classroom, house, and even car a beautiful creative sanctuary. Creativity is life.

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