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The People Behind Embraceable

Rachell Campbell {writer, creator, mac n’ cheese lover}

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Hey -o, I’m Rachell Campbell. I’m a writer and a middle school English teacher with a B.A. in Theatre Arts from Azusa Pacific University and an M.F.A. in Playwriting from University of California at Riverside. Some of my favorite foods are mac n’cheese, grilled cheese, beer cheese soup, cheese enchiladas (alright, anything with cheese), rocky road ice cream, and BBQ beef ribs. Find out more at

Ashley Langton {Featured Blogger, Co-Creator}

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Hello! I’m Ashley and I am an aspiring actor. I am from Colorado, but I have lived in California intermittently for the last ten years. I love it here and I consider California my home. I love movies and pizza and singing and Catchphrase and any sour gummy candy. Also chocolate.

Ashley and Rachell have been best friends since they were eleven years old, when they bonded over their love of food. They started The Embraceable Project together in 2015.

Azriel Crews {Regularly Featured Guest Blogger, Bachelor Enthusiast}


Hey there. I’m Azriél. I’m a New York based performer with a BFA from NYU’s Tisch School of The Arts, a proud feminist, and a not so proud Bachelor enthusiast.

Azi is a brilliant actor and makeup artist.  Instagram @azimazi and @ladyfiercemakeup

Danielle Alexandra McBrayer {Photographer, Owner of D.A. Studios}

Hey!  I’m Danielle Alexandra McBrayer and if you haven’t noticed by now, photography is what I do.  Not only do I do it…I love it.  It is my passion and my calling. I started my photography business when I was a freshman in high school, even though I knew nothing about business whatsoever.  Some may not even agree that I was running a business, but I was making money because people admired my work.  I built my whole business through social media.  I believe in the future of marketing and advertising & that’s why I’m a marketing major. In my spare time (if I can remember what that is), I like to make art, travel, craft, & watch Netflix.  I am an adventurer at heart and am always planning the next trip. In the visual world I work in, it’s all about the look & size, but I don’t agree with that.  The Embraceable Project is my way of spreading some body image love to everyone!

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