The Project

Welcome to The Embraceable Project 

The Embraceable Project is not your typical weight-loss blog. We are not here to swap recipes and attempt to tell you how incredible this particular diet shake tastes (I’ve tasted them all, and anyone who tells you they taste like anything other than chocolate/urine flavored chalk, has simply forgotten what actual food tastes like and should never be trusted). We are not Regina George clones who “just want to loose three pounds” while wondering if butter is a carb. We are women who could lose three pounds in a weekend simply by cutting out half of our cheddar cheese intake (and have plenty more to spare [pounds not cheeses, please do not take away any more of my cheeses]). Bottom line, we are real women, with real curves, who are making real life changes because we want to be healthy.  This is not a crash diet, this is not a “weight-loss is wonderful! Look at me go!” sort-of-thing. We are here to tell the truth and the truth is that losing weight sucks and it’s insanely hard physically, emotionally, and no-don’t-take-my-cheese(ly). If you have been “heavy” your whole life (as we have) you are literally losing a piece of yourself. We want to deal with the minds and hearts of weight-loss, not just the waistline.

How Do We Do That?

We hate before/after photos. There is no greater lie than those terrible photos that imply that only the “after” person is lovable/attractive/worth-while. We demolish that notion by creating monthly professional photo shoots that depict every stage of our weight-loss journey. We are beautiful now. We will be beautiful then. Beauty and weight-loss are not connected. Weight-loss is only connected to health. Beauty is transcendent beyond our hours at the gym and we are going to prove it.  We will release monthly photo shoots and post two-blogs a week that depict our weight-loss journey with as much vulnerability as we can stand.

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